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“As the youngest in a large Italian/American family of musicians, it was a foregone conclusion that I too would be a musician.  My father, Santo Urso, was an Assistant Concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony, so naturally my musical studies began with the violin.  A few years later, I found my voice in the flute.  Being in awe of Clement Barone, (former Solo Piccolo of the Detroit Symphony) whose gorgeous singing sound I could always hear in the texture of the orchestra. and who, on occasion, would either arrive or go home at intermission, was proof that this was not only the perfect choice for me – but also that the piccolo player has the best job in an orchestra!
I love the variety of what I do as a freelance musician in the vibrant orchestral, studio, and chamber music scene all over California.  I wear many different musical hats as a member of the Oakland Symphony, professor at California State University Long Beach and Stanislaus, as a Licensed Body Mapping Educator, and as a RYT-200 certified yoga and meditation instructor.  The years I spent as piccoloist of the New York City Opera National Company and San Francisco Opera’s Western Opera Theater deepened my love for this beautiful instrument and taught me many invaluable lessons early in my career: flexibility, awareness, consistency, and above all to always sing from the heart and tell our musical story!  I remain extraordinarily grateful to my mentors; Robert Patrick, Clement Barone, Anne Zentner, John Barcellona, and my father, Santo Urso.”