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“Being born into an Austrian family of flutists, I don’t remember when I first came into contact with the piccolo, as music and the flute was a part of my everyday life early on. But the first time I fell in love, not with the instrument itself but with the role it covers within the orchestra, was when I joined one of the many marching bands that exist in Austria. That’s why my approach has always been very natural and uncomplicated, coming from the perspective of an orchestra musician.
Such perspective has been immensely widened since I became a member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, through experiencing the whole orchestral repertoire, both operatic and symphonic.
In my teaching and playing, my main focus is always on making the instrument SING, trying to achieve a richness of sound and expression on this small instrument that is as close as possible to the human voice, while enjoying the playful and brilliant character it often embodies in the orchestral repertoire.”