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Discover the most applied methods worldwide
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Lessons made
directly by the Artists

Each Artist has designed, created and recorded each lesson, personally choosing the topics to be covered for the best training course, thus expressing their teaching method to the fullest.

A neatly arranged Catalog,
easy to consult

Each lesson deals with a single specific topic and can be filtered through teacher, course and topic within the entire catalog, so that it can be found easily and comfortably.

Short and
comprensive lessons

The duration of the lessons, between 10 and 15 minutes on average, is designed to make it easier for you to enjoy them and to give you the opportunity to study specialist topics even when you have little time available.

A truly complete journey

The Artist of the Academy have covered
all the indispensable topics for a complete educational path:

Switching from flute to piccolo
Piccolo fundamentals
High register
Piccolo choice
Orchestral Excerpts
Posture and handling
Staccato and legato
Scales and arpeggios
Body awareness

New lessons every month

In the Academy you will find more than 50 specialized lessons, and the catalogue is constantly expanding: our Artists are tireless and committed to providing you new lessons every month.

added to every lesson

To ensure that every concept taught is completly understandable, each lesson is integrated with manually elaborated English subtitles, taken care of word and verified by the Artists themselves.

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Frequently asked questions

What is IPFA?
The International Piccolo Flute Academy is a streaming platform that allows you to access video lessons created by internationally renowned piccoloists, as well as further added services such as piccolo backing tracks and the possibility to ask specialist questions to Nicola Mazzanti.
What is the IPFA mission?
We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn the piccolo with the best teachers in the world. The International Piccolo Flute Academy is a team project, where piccolo professionals have decided to join forces is to give the best materials to every flutist who wants to engage in this wonderful world.
What is included in the subscription?
The subscription allows access to the entire catalog of video lessons and any other educational material available to users, divided into these topics: fundamentals, embouchure, sound, intonation, high register, flexibility, scales and arpeggios, warm-up, posture and handling, body awareness, orchestral excerpts, legato, staccato and piccolo choice.

You will find also backing tracks for piano or orchestra designed specifically for those who play the piccolo, using virtual instrument technology. You can slow it down, speed it up, or choose the bpm that best suits your practice.

Every month Nicola Mazzanti selects some of the questions that users have written in the appropriate form, answering them in the episodes on the “Nicola answers” section, available to all subscribers.
Where and when can I see it?
You can take advantage of all materials at any time and anywhere, by logging into the website with your credentials after signing up for the subscription plan.
How much does IPFA cost?
The subscription costs 14.99 euros and has a duration of 1 month, renewable from month to month. You can also choose to purchase the annual plan, which has a duration of 12 months and costs a total of 149.90 euros, thus saving 2 months of subscription.
Will I be charged for taxes?
All prices shown are inclusive of taxes. You will not have surcharges.
How does the "satisfied or refunded" work?
Our purpose is to help you in your training, so if you are not satisfied with our materials or our service you can request the cancellation of your account and get a full refund of your payment within the first 30 days of your first subscription activation.
How can I unsubscribe?
You can cancel your subscription by accessing your account settings or by sending an email here. You will still be granted access to all subscription materials and services until the date of the next renewal.