Gudrun Hinze
Intonation on the piccolo
Mastering intonation with the piccolo is a very important goal and requires a lot of practice: Gudrun explores this topic in a comprehensive way, showing and teaching how to use the main tools of the intonation control, explaining in detail the differences compared to the flute, and finally deepening the management of the intonation of the other instruments of the orchestra with which we are called to play.

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Intonation on the piccolo: the toolbox

Gudrun talk about 5 tools very useful to improve our intonation on the piccolo: lips, constance and speed of air, fingerings, vowels and sound memory.

Intonation: the piccolo scale

Discover the system of intonation of the piccolo flute focusing on the flute scale and the piccolo scale.
Why is intonation more difficult when we switch from the flute to the piccolo? One of the reasons is the difference of the construction between these two instruments: Gudrun teaches us how to overcome this difficulty.

Intonation: more than one system

Learn how to manager the different systems of intonation of the other instruments with wich you play.