Acquire the most solid foundations to approach the piccolo

From flute to piccolo: articulation, vibrato and other game changers

16 min.

In this third and final episode of the series dedicated to the switch between flute and piccolo, Karin discusses articulation, vibrato, and “a change that is actually no change”. In the end, she gives us an overview of the things we don’t want to change.

Support and air control

12 min.

In the second episode of the series dedicated to the switch between flute and piccolo, Karin talks to us about support and air control: you will learn how to support more using less air, the difference between high support and deep support, and how to control the quantity of the air you need to play the piccolo.

Continuing with dynamics and intervals

16 min.

Continuing the first lesson in which Jennifer talked about incorporating small things to efficiently practice when you only have 10 to 15 minutes a day to devote to your piccolo, when flute is your primary focus, in this new lesson you will practice doing more long tones, but in two dynamics.

Sing and play

8 min.

In this lesson you will learn all the benefits of sing and play practicing and an exercise to do it.

Where to start with efficient and effective practice

12 min.

When you don’t know what to practice, where to start?
In this lesson you will learn with Jennifer how to start building a solid foundation and you will practice with 2 efficient practice sessions.

The support on the piccolo

15 min.

Have you ever struggled with sound and intonation on the piccolo? This support tutorial can help you establish a secure foundation on the piccolo, enabling you to play with good intonation and a homogenous sound in all octaves.