Use a correct embouchure to avoid making the most common mistakes

Piccolo embouchure

4 min.

“Dear friends, in this video we will talk about the embouchure: that rather mysterious thing that is about the position of the jawbone and the use of the facial muscles, paying specific attention to those around the mouth.”

On which part of the chin shall i place the piccolo?

3 min.

On which part of the chin shall I place the instrument? In the same place where the flute goes? A bit above? A bit on the side? In this video I shall try to answer this question.


13 min.

First part of the series “From flute to piccolo”: in this lesson, Karin Bonelli focuses on the small and very subtle changes we have to do concerning the embouchure.

Embouchure: first steps for beginners

11 min.

For many flute players it seems to be a very difficult job to make the transition between flute and piccolo. Peter Verhoyen thinks it’s not that difficult, and he has mainly three different subjects: multiple position, throat tuning and control of the upper lip.

Embouchure: tips for more advanced piccoloists

12 min.

In this lesson, which continues the course focused on the piccolo embouchure, Peter talks about the 3D (three dimensional) focus, the smiley exercise and more tips and advices regarding air direction.