The Project born out of crisis

In 2019 I was already working on my personal online education brand with the guys from the Italian startup Made in Orchestra, when we got hit by Covid and the lockdown: almost the whole world was stuck, and we suddenly found ourselves confined in our homes, without more concerts or lessons. So I took the phone and called some of the Artists I had invited to the Festival that I organize every year in Grado, and with whom I was most familiar, and I offered them to collaborate on Facebook live streaming sessions, during which we could continue to teach piccolo to all students who wanted to connect. The success of this initiative gave me the idea to create the International Piccolo Flute Academy.

We are lucky because the piccolo world is not that big, and it is not based on competition but on collaboration and cooperation. Only such an environment could originate the International Piccolo Flute Academy, the first brand built by a group of international Artists who have joined forces, all together, to allow as many flutists as possible to access the most studied methods of piccolo, to allow them to audition, develop their sound and build their musical career and life.

And the fact that there are so many different teachers teaching the same topics is the real richness of this project: any player can delve into the different methods and find the one that works best for them, and they can do it without having to take a plane to reach the teacher’s location. This is an extraordinary thing, which paves the way for a new concept of approaching the study of music.

Nicola Mazzanti
Artistic director

The Academy Team

Marco Melato

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

As an electric bass player passionate about new technologies, he has been part of the team originating the Made in Orchestra Srl startup after the experience gained with Tiziano Contin on the Made in Orchestra YouTube channel.

He is the developer of the International Piccolo Flute Academy website and is responsible for managing all the IT aspects of the project.

Tiziano Contin

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

After graduating with honors in Electronic Music from the Conservatory of Rovigo (Italy) with the thesis “The Online Distribution of Musical Culture”, he founded the YouTube channel Made in Orchestra in 2016 as well as the startup Made in Orchestra Srl, together with Marco Melato.

In the International Piccolo Flute Academy he is in charge of team management, relations with the Artists and customer service.

Edoardo Jun Bonicelli

CDO (Chief Design Officer)

Graphic & Web Designer with musical training in classical guitar, he has been collaborating with Marco and Tiziano since 2017 as lead designer.

He is the developer of the Brand Identity of the International Piccolo Flute Academy and is in charge with the project graphics and web design.

Daniela Vilasi

Artistic Consultant

She graduated in flute and specialized in piccolo with Maestro Nicola Mazzanti. Since 2017 she has been one of the organizers of the International Piccolo Festival, the first international festival entirely dedicated to piccolo, and since 2021 she has been vice president of the association by the same name. As a member of the piccolo quartet “Alt(r)e Frequenze” since 2015, she regularly performs in concerts in Italy and abroad.

She has been collaborating with the International Piccolo Flute Academy as an artistic consultant since day one.

Sara Moschin


High school teacher, polyglot, she graduated with honours in English Language and Literature at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in 2016. Fond of theatre, both prose and musical, since childhood, she is also active as a performer and author of authorized adaptations from English to Italian (Nunsense, The Story of my Life, The Greatest Showman).

For the International Piccolo Flute Academy she is in charge with the revision of all subtitles featured in the video lessons, as well as all Italian to English translations.